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Latest News Articles
South African kiwi imports up 50%
In recent years there has been extensive promotional activities in many of the retail and other outlets, introducing the nutritional values of this fruit and informing the South African consumer about this little hairy fruit.

Overview Global Blueberry Market
While Northern Europe is gearing up for the end of the season, growers in South America are looking forward to the start of the harvest. I

Agbiz Newsletter
26 August 2016

Changing Demographics Of African Alcohol Consumers
One, Africa is expected to account for a fifth of the global population by 2025, with its greatest gains in sub-Saharan Africa. Two, urbanization in Africa could approach 45 percent by 2025.

How Wine Barrels Affect The Taste of Wine
A detailed peek into why wine barrels are such an integral part of modern winemaking.

AFRICA: Uniform Import Tax for African Countries in 2017
The African Union (AU) last month adopted a new import levy financing mechanism. The import levy will take effect from 2017 and will generate funds for the African continent’s activities.

ABSA Agri Trends
23 August 2016

Wine industry prop is now a world standard
Wine enthusiasts, especially those whose preference is for small-batch production of handcrafted wines, conveniently forget for most of the 20th century the Cape wine industry would not have survived without the Cape brandy industry.

SA agri exports fall R2bn, first drop in 10 years
SA's worst drought in decades has cost the country billions of Rands in lost export revenue. The country's agricultural exports declined in 2015 for the first time in 10 years, Agricultural business chamber (Agbiz) said.

RPO Redmeat/Rooivleis Bulletin
August 2016

China’s Consumers Flock To Imported Wines
Imported wines are booming in China, up 44% to 62 million cases last year, according to Impact Databank.

Par Excellance Recruitment News
22 August 2016

Agbiz Newsletter
19 August 2016

The discovery that could transform Canada’s wine industry
Although Canada is home to internationally award-winning wines, the cold winters and short growing season are a constant challenge. The solution is one that has never been tried with wine grapes before until now: moving production indoors.

A glass of wine at night can help you lose weight
It sounds too good to be true, but finally science has confirmed that indulging in a glass of red wine can keep you trim.

ABSA Agri Trends
16 August 2016

The truth about boxed wine
For years, one of the most loathed word combinations in the long history of the grape was “boxed wine” — and for good reason. But things have changed in recent years.

Par Excellance Recruitment News
15 August 2016

Agri Commodity Markets Research
Massive yields in US fields.

Focus on youth at Agri-Expo Livestock 2016
Agri-Expo Livestock takes place from Thursday, 13 October to Saturday, 15 October 2016 at Sandringham, Stellenbosch.

Industry Information
SA Wine Routes SA Brandy Routes
Expose yourself to the best of SA's Wine Routes, you will not be disappointed, the selection is endless. AgriworldSA presents you with South Africa's brandy routes.

Winetech Research
Research projects include Oenology, Viticulture, Technology Transfer and Technology Support. Click to view project details and complete database.

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