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Latest News Articles
Par Excellance Recruitment News
24 October 2016

9 Billion mouths to feed by 2050
To feed the 9 billion humans who’ll be living on Earth in 35 years, we’re going to have to double the amount of food available.

SA Stone Fruit Producers' Association (SASPA)
Stone Fruit Export Estimate 2016/2017.

Agbiz Newsletter
21 October 2016

New Mandarin Variety Will Woo Consumers
Leanri is an induced mutation of the Furr cultivar (Clementine x Murcott) and boasts a rich flavour, has deep orange external and internal colour, a low seed content and easy peeling attributes.

Why East Africa should reject EPA deal with European Union
Europe is in crisis, and yet countries in East Africa are ready to sign on a poorly understood trade agreement with the EU whose overall impact will be disastrous for years to come. EPA will favour trade in the direction of Europe and stunt African progress.

South Africa: Stone fruit volumes slightly up this season
Drought still a concern.

Fresh Plaza News
South Africa: Potato prices to spike.

2016 California Wine Harvest Report
Early, Normal Yield, Exquisite Quality.

EPA between EU and five African countries comes into force
South Africa is the fourth largest non-EU supplier.

Global wine label market
The market for wine labels across all formats is forecast to grow by 2% between 2016 and 2018, reflecting increasing levels of wine production around the globe.

Brexit means wine prices will rise
Brexit means that it's likely to become more expensive to drink wines from Europe in the UK, says the country's leading wine trade body in the starkest warning so far from the industry.

Wine and climate change: 8,000 years of adaptation
These days it is almost impossible to say anything moderately optimistic about climate change.

ABSA Agri Trends
18 October 2016

South African Avocado Growers’ Association (SAAGA) Press Release
Drought impacts on local avo season.

Russia may increase wine imports tax
Russia plans to double excise tax on wines.

How bad will Brexit be for UK farmers, retailers and consumers?
Will higher tariffs on UK exports to the EU following Brexit be bad for farmers, retailers and the consumer?

Par Excellance Recruitment News
17 October 2016

Agbiz Newsletter
14 October 2016

2016 Subtrop Marketing Symposium
Growers, packers, processors, marketers and retailers in South Africa’s subtropical fruit and nut industry will get a front row seat to the exciting new opportunities opening up for this sector at the upcoming Subtrop Marketing Symposium, taking place on 9 November 2016 at the Emnotweni Arena in Mbombela.

Industry Information
SA Wine Routes SA Brandy Routes
Expose yourself to the best of SA's Wine Routes, you will not be disappointed, the selection is endless. AgriworldSA presents you with South Africa's brandy routes.

Winetech Research
Research projects include Oenology, Viticulture, Technology Transfer and Technology Support. Click to view project details and complete database.

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